Friday, August 14, 2015

Editing Process

Do I need edits? Yes. You know what you meant to write, but that doesn't mean you wrote it. A good editor will find your weak spots. For me that's commas. They'll also point out typos, flow issues and anything else they think you might want to  know. Like when your hero is being a jerk. ;)

So how does the editing process work?
This is something that is different for every writer. Sometimes it can be months between when you submit a book and when you actually start edits. That can make it a little difficult if you've moved on to a new story and you head is in a different place. But that is also a good thing. You'll be looking at the story from a new perspective. 

So here's a basic layout of how I handle things.

Step 1: Write and submit book, either to publisher or directly to editor if I'm putting the book out on my own.

Step 2: Work on something else until you get the edits back. For me this isn't a problem. I usually have 2 projects going at once. Still sometimes the waiting with have you checking you email a couple of times a day.

Step 3: Edits arrive. Do you just dive in? I read all the comments first the start at the beginning. Sometimes, if you're lucky, along with all the requested or advised changes you'll find little positive comments. 

Step 4: Okay you've done all the hard work and hopefully you story is better for it. Those red pen marks and comments are supposed to be there to do that. But what's next?

Step 5: You've just finished you edits and you're back to knowing what you wrote. You could just send it back if it with a publisher and be done. You could start getting that baby ready for release. I do neither. I put it aside for a day or two. This time I don't work on anything else. That doesn't mean I do nothing. I read. Not my own stuff. I choose a couple of books, I'm a very fast reader, and for the 24-48 hours I dive in. Reading will get your head out of your world and into someone else's.

Step 6: Final read through. I read my book straight through. Sure I stop to fix little things here and there, but hopefully there's no big glaring mistakes. Reading out loud helps with this. Now it's done!

Step 7: Now it's back to the publisher, or off to formatting. 

So there you have it. Like I said before every writer has there own way of doing it, but that's mine. Now I'm off to format so I can have this book out on time.

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