Friday, July 31, 2009

Lee Sidle moved to another state for a good reason. To escape a BDSM relationship gone horribly wrong. But she's a submissive down to her bones, and when a sexy Dom offers her thirty days, her fear wars with her needs. She might accept, but she'll never surrender.

David Peters is used to healing the broken, and Lee needs his confident touch. He doesn't expect to learn any lessons himself, yet this submissive tests him in ways he never anticipated. When her past comes back to haunt her, his one desire is to ride to the rescue. Instead, David and Lee discover her survival lies in the trust she yields.

Finally, David's story!!!!!! It's out and live.


Monday, July 20, 2009

All Romance Announces the launch of OmniLit

All Romance Announces the launch of OmniLit™, Bringing eBooks Directly into the Homes and Digital Devices of R eaders of All Genres
Palm Harbor, FL (PRWEB) July 21, 2009 – The owners of All Romance™, an independent on-line bookstore specializing in the sale of romance eBooks, announc! ed today the launch of, a new site dedicated to the sale of fiction and non-fiction eBooks.

"The overwhelming success of the All Romance site spurred the expansion," said Barbara Perfetti, the company's Chief Financial Officer. "The publishing world is poised on the brink of an eBook explosion and we want to be ready on the forefront to meet that demand."

OmniLit will offer genres currently not available on the All Romance site, including best sellers from some of the biggest names in publishing, as well as offerings from small, midsized, and indie presses. Customers will be able to select from hundreds of thousands of titles, everything from mainstream, children's, and speculative fiction, to books on health & fitness, cooking, travel, and business.

"Readers used to the convenience of All Romance's easy to navigate site and unsurpassed customer service can expect to find the same at OmniLit," said Chief Operating Officer, Lori James. "Our goal is to hold on to what we believe are the best qualities of both the larger chain bookstores and the smaller independents, then offer that in digital. OmniLit's customers will have the advantage of choice and a technically streamlined shopping experience, but t hey will also receive personalized service and support."

All Romance eBooks, LLC was founded in 2006, is privately held in partnership, and headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company owns All Romance (, which specializes in the sale of romance eBooks and OmniLit (omn! which sells both fiction and non-fiction eBooks.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Release

Divinity Warriors - Keeping Paige By Michelle M. Pillow
The third Divinity Warriors book, set in the Divinity Universe.

An outcast because of her psychic abilities, Paige doesn't expect her people to rescue her when a zealous sect of Faerians sacrifices her to their gods. Thrown through a fairy ring to a new dimensional plane, drugged on ambrosia, she is compelled to seduce the first man she meets. Only when the effects wear off and she's left with a sexy, insatiable husband expecting more than she's willing to give, does Paige discover the true extent of what the fairies have done.

Ordered by the king to marry, Sir Aidan of Fallenrock is dead set against taking a bartered bride. He believes his people should be patient and wait for the gods to bless them. When the beautiful Lady Paige comes through the sacred ring, kissing and touching him like she knows their joined fate, Aidan's sure he's being rewarded—until his new bride tries to back out of their marriage.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Damsel Without A Dress is still #1 Romantic Comedy at All Romance Ebooks

Stacey agreed to be her half-sister's Maid of Honor in spite of the fact that the Best Man, Alex Brandelman, pushes all her buttons. He's a major flirt, and worse, he's decided that she's the one he wants. But an encounter with a determined spider leaves her nearly naked in the elevator and in need of rescue.

When the doors open, Alex can't believe his eyes. The woman of his dreams is standing there in her underwear! He may be playing the role of gentleman by scooping her up and taking her to his room, but there's nothing gentlemanly about his desires. With the help of his sisters, he can provide a dress for this damsel, and maybe show her that he's the best man for her.


Stacey noticed something black on a fold of her skirt and reached down to brush it off. It moved. Her hand stilled. A scream froze in her throat. A spider, the size of a quarter, crawled up her side. Her whole body trembled with fear. She knew it was irrational to be afraid of something so small, but she was. Gut-churning, scream-inducing, scared-out-of-her-wits, scared. She grabbed the skirt and gave it a hard shake, hoping the spider would fall off. It climbed higher. And faster! Damn its eight legs!

In a panic, she reached for the zipper under her arm and yanked it down. Whipping the dress to the floor, she kicked it away from her. She edged around the puddle of fabric towards the door in an attempt to get out of the way. The spider crawled into view, and she let out a little squeak. Trapped in the elevator, Stacey couldn’t get away. She had to squish the spider. Knowing there was nothing else she could do, she tentatively stretched out her leg. As if it sensed her movement, the spider dashed to the right and disappeared in the fold of shiny material.

Emitting a noise part growl, part whine, she stepped on the material. The little bugger slipped out of one fold and into another and her steps became stomps, each one emphasized with a grunt. The spider obviously wasn’t intimidated. It somehow managed to get on to the tip of her shoe.

“Ewww,” she squealed, waving her hands vigorously as she shook her foot. Luckily, the spider fell off.

The eight-legged beast scurried back into the pile of cloth. She resumed her stomping, harder this time. The elevator door chimed as the spider surfaced again, this time charging towards her. With one final stomp on the dress, she backed out of the doors into the hall.

“That’ll teach it.” A familiar deep voice said from behind her.

Stacey spun around, coming face-to-ruggedly-handsome-face with Alex. Standing with him was a group of older people obviously waiting for the elevator.

“Good Lord!” An old woman said another chimed in with a not so whispered, “Well I never!”

“I know,” said an elderly man with a chuckle.

Stacey searched for a place to hide. Deciding Alex was her best and only option, she ducked behind him and used his body as a shield. A loud symphony of whistles had her looking over her shoulder at a group of young men coming down the hall from the other direction.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Release

Soul Fire by R. F. Long releases today from Samhain.

Iron born and iron bred.

Trust not iron, it will see you dead.

Rowan Blake could really use a magic wand to keep her struggling art gallery afloat. But the faerie key she stumbles across is far from a lucky charm. It’s a magnet for danger, and by touching it she’s unwittingly put herself in the middle of a war between the forces of light and dark. And in the arms of its rightful owner, Prince Daire.

While searching for his brother, Daire finds himself trapped in the Iron World with a mere mortal woman who ignites his passion like no other. Each stolen kiss deepens their attraction and sends him spiraling closer and closer to the edge of his inherent dark desires. Desires that act as a homing beacon for the Dark Sidhe, who are intent on forcing him to fight on their side.

The longer he lingers in her arms—and in her bed—the closer his enemies get to her door. And the greater the risk that the gateway to the Faerie Realm will shift, destroying not only his power to protect her, but his very life.

Warning: Contains enchantments, danger, some very scary monsters, a trip to the dark side and hot, soul-transforming sex with an immortal prince.

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Genre: ,

ISBN: 978-1-60504-619-8Length: NovelPrice: 5.50Cover art by Anne Cain