Saturday, June 15, 2013

Been A While

Well it's been a while since I posted anything here and that is going to change. In the past few months I have had some big changes. New releases, Upcoming releases, Going back to a full time job, and just trying to get things in order to make all the changes transition as smooth as possible. It wasn't easy, but I think I'm almost there.

I wasn't happy about going back to work full-time, but it's with a good place I've worked at before. My training schedule was a very awkward time frame for me, but starting Tuesday I'll have hours that are a much better fit.  YAY!! And who knows maybe I'll jump on the overnight shift in a few months. I loved working that schedule before, but I was younger then.

I did managed to finish Silver Spoons, Sugar, and Slow Hot Kisses book 2 in the Heiresses In Aprons series. Hopefully I'll have this out within a few weeks (and maybe a little surprise to go along with it).

Speaking of surprises, Surprised By Love book 2 in my Blackridges Series came out last week. It's doing well, and has even hit #3 on BookStrand's Mainstream Best Seller List. Thanks to everyone who has already picked it up.

So now I'm going to focus the last 3 things on my list. the first 2 are connected. I'm working on revamping this blog and my website.

For now I'm planning to post here at least once a week. Not sure when or about what so you'll just have to pop in and check.

The 3rd item is getting ready for AAD in Savannah in August. Anybody else going? I truly can't wait for this. I already got the time off approved and have been working on my raffle baskets. As soon as they're finished I'll post some pictures.

 Bye for now,