Monday, February 18, 2013

Good, Bad, and Really Boring!

Good is knowing that despite a few rough spots Shit Kickers & Stilettoes is out, and soon to be available in print. Anyone who says self-pub or Indie publishing is easy LIES! I've always respected my publishers, but that respect has only grown with me taking on this challenge. When I was recently asked why I did it, a question I was fully expecting, I had to laugh.

I released Shit Kickers & Stilettoes on my own for two reasons and they're linked. First was I wanted complete control of the Heiresses In Apron Series. Second, and this may not make sense to anyone else sine I suck at promotion, I'm hoping that being in charge from the get go will force me to push me into doing more than I have in the past.

Bad is dealing with all the technical, and formatting stuff that came with doing this myself. What the hell was I thinking. Also how much I suck at promoting is becoming evident to those around me, though I think they're laughing when I'm not looking.

It can be Really Boring clicking on buttons  to check sales stats. Granted everytime I see the number change I get a little excited, but I know I should be focused on writing. Or worse the dreaded promoting. So on that front I'm going to start planning a couple of contest and hopefully getting a few people to review all my books not just Shit Kickers & Stilettos. If anyone who reads this wants to review one of my boks on Amazon or BN let me know. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Start Of Something New

OMG! I've dipped my toes into the Indie author pool. I know the only way I see any results is to dunk myself and get acclimated, but I'm nervous. I've got books out there and people read them not as many as I'd like, but that's the point of this right? NO? Then why am I doing this? I have a bunch of reasons and over the next month or so I'll try to explain them all. Right now I just want to tell everyone about my new release.

Shit Kickers & Stilettos is the 1st book in a 4 book series Heiresses In Aprons.

Rosie’s uncle Teddy may not have been able to be around all the time, but he was always there when Rosie needed a dose of reality. Unlike her parents he believed that she needed to keep her feet on the ground even though she spent most of her time running charity and social events mingling with people who had their heads stuck in the clouds. When he dies she’s lost. Her friends try to be there for her, but her uncle does the unbelievable and leaves her part of his business. The other half he leaves to his sexy right hand man. He requests that the two of them move into his house for six months and find a way to make things work together, but since all she can do is stare at his ass and find ways to push his buttons Rosie’s not sure if this is going to work out.

Dade Sebastian would do his best to honor his boss’s last wish, but just looking at his niece he knew it was going to be as simple as it sounded like it would be. Then the lawyer throws him a curve ball by announcing he’s not just going to help Rosie learn to run the business. Instead he’s is named as co-owner with the company being split equally between the two of them. Together they’re supposed to make things work, but that’s hard to do when all he wants is for her to stay in the kitchen, or better yet in his bed.
Right now it's available at