Monday, February 18, 2013

Good, Bad, and Really Boring!

Good is knowing that despite a few rough spots Shit Kickers & Stilettoes is out, and soon to be available in print. Anyone who says self-pub or Indie publishing is easy LIES! I've always respected my publishers, but that respect has only grown with me taking on this challenge. When I was recently asked why I did it, a question I was fully expecting, I had to laugh.

I released Shit Kickers & Stilettoes on my own for two reasons and they're linked. First was I wanted complete control of the Heiresses In Apron Series. Second, and this may not make sense to anyone else sine I suck at promotion, I'm hoping that being in charge from the get go will force me to push me into doing more than I have in the past.

Bad is dealing with all the technical, and formatting stuff that came with doing this myself. What the hell was I thinking. Also how much I suck at promoting is becoming evident to those around me, though I think they're laughing when I'm not looking.

It can be Really Boring clicking on buttons  to check sales stats. Granted everytime I see the number change I get a little excited, but I know I should be focused on writing. Or worse the dreaded promoting. So on that front I'm going to start planning a couple of contest and hopefully getting a few people to review all my books not just Shit Kickers & Stilettos. If anyone who reads this wants to review one of my boks on Amazon or BN let me know. 

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