Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Thirteen: Reasons I Believe My Daughter's Cat Thinks....

Let me start by introducing everyone to Zombie.

He's a big beautiful fluffy cat. We think a little Maine Coon do to his size and fluffiness. The following are 13 Reasons why I believe he thinks I'm the weakest of the herd.

1) He has that big cat mentality.

2) That's my desk he's sitting on.

3) No matter where I'm walking he runs in front of me. I'm not sure if he thinks were racing, or just wants to knock me down.

4) If I walk into the kitchen he goes directly to the fridge. This should be a reason for me not to go there. Maybe he's trying to be a diet aide.

5) Of all the cats in this house, and there are five, he is the only one will decide if he wants my attention he's getting it. Seriously I can be sitting in the chair typing away on my laptop and he will lay right on top of it so i have to stop.

6) He will come a sit next to me and head butt my hand until I pat him.
7) If you hold your fingers chest hieght and rub them together Zombie will jump from the floor into your arms. In my case all I have to do his move my arms and he takes it as an invitation.

8) When I'm watching TV he wont just sit on my lap. No he's a typical male and he likes boobs. He loves to lay right across my breasts and rub his face on my chin.

9) He's very demanding.

10) When we lived in Maine the cats were allowed to go outisde. Now that we are in Massachusttes in the city they're not. Zombie is so spoiled he has a harness and leash so he can be walked around the yard. This chore usually falls to me.

11) Often Zombie will just sit there and stare at me until I get up and see what he wants.
12) He will sit on the arm of my chair and whip his tail at me when he's annoyed.

13) The biggest reason I believe HE thinks I'm the weakest is because if we all have food he comes after mine. Not just sits there and stares if it's something he really wants he will try to take it off my plate.

 You know after writing this I'm beginning to think I may be the weakest in our herd.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thurdays Thirteen: MEN of the Lego Variety

Thursday Thirteen
 It's not alway easy to find the man you're looking for when you wnat him so thanks to Lego we can build him ourselves.

He's got the magic.

He'll help you find what you lost.

Sporty guys are fun and full of engery.

International Espionage

He'll feed you and keep you warm
at night.

Our protector.

Who donesn't want their very own



SciFi is covered.



They're ready to boogie with ya.

Nerds. We need them too.

For those ladies who like historicals
Ready for a little role playing.

He's bringing the cuffs.
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Monday, January 2, 2012

No New Years Resolutions, But Big Changes.

This year I decided I need to make some BIG changes. I'm setting monthly goals for myself and putting them out there hoping to keep myself motivated.

I'm going to work on getting at least 1k a day in no matter what, but really I'm aiming for 5k a day. I want to finish and sub at least 5 novellas and 3 50k+ pieces this year. See setting the bar high, but no too high. I like to have a few.

Has always been a passion for me. 1-2 books a week is easy, but this year I am going to make sure I go to BN, Amazon, and goodreads and leave reviews. This is a 2 part process. First it'll hopefully help the authors, but also it should help me keep better track of what I've read.

Accountability is going to be key this year. I plan on stepping up everywhere. I'm gonna keep journals to log

January writing goals are:
Finish Brazen 6. I started this for a week later for my NaNo project, but holidays really got in my way.

I am going to work on novellas for Siren and PPB.
Since I'm diabetic I need to get on track with these, especially since I slipped hard over the holidays. Eating goals:

Add more veggies.
Try at least three new dishes.
Ride exercise bike at least and hour 2x a day.

Wow! Looking at all that now I'm glad I broke my plans into monthly goals. Here's to staying on track.