Monday, January 2, 2012

No New Years Resolutions, But Big Changes.

This year I decided I need to make some BIG changes. I'm setting monthly goals for myself and putting them out there hoping to keep myself motivated.

I'm going to work on getting at least 1k a day in no matter what, but really I'm aiming for 5k a day. I want to finish and sub at least 5 novellas and 3 50k+ pieces this year. See setting the bar high, but no too high. I like to have a few.

Has always been a passion for me. 1-2 books a week is easy, but this year I am going to make sure I go to BN, Amazon, and goodreads and leave reviews. This is a 2 part process. First it'll hopefully help the authors, but also it should help me keep better track of what I've read.

Accountability is going to be key this year. I plan on stepping up everywhere. I'm gonna keep journals to log

January writing goals are:
Finish Brazen 6. I started this for a week later for my NaNo project, but holidays really got in my way.

I am going to work on novellas for Siren and PPB.
Since I'm diabetic I need to get on track with these, especially since I slipped hard over the holidays. Eating goals:

Add more veggies.
Try at least three new dishes.
Ride exercise bike at least and hour 2x a day.

Wow! Looking at all that now I'm glad I broke my plans into monthly goals. Here's to staying on track.

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