Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lots To Do

Scehdule for this week is bit full, but I will get it all done by next Sunday since I'm leaving next Monday night for Authors After Dark in New Orleans.

So on my to do list is:
Shopping for stuff for my charity raffle basket.
Making potato corn chowder and Beef Barley soup (beef soup was good).
Design and make 200 keychains for promo at AAD.
Need to get my hair trimmed and maybe nails done.
Need to finalize my list and pack everything.
Finish up August interview for my Local Pens collumn for the Worcester Magazine.
Either submit this story or decide to use it as a freebie (story subbed).
Add at least another 10k on my current WIP.
Get some promo done for The Way He Looks At Me.
Go to Lab Saturday morning for more blood work.
Sunday the family is going to Monster Trucks at Seekonk Speedway.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Manic Monday

Today started off like crap and steadily got worse. The roofers started banging at 7 am, as they have for the past week including Saturday and Sunday. The electrician turned the power off to do the much needed upgrade to the system around 9am. At close to 2 in the afternoon my son and I couldn't take it anymore, no fans= hot house.

So since my hubs had my car my mom came over and rescued us. Now this is subjective, because her house is FULL of my nieces and nephews. 12 of them to be exact, ages 3 thru 15. I think we would have been fine, and even had some fun. BUT!

We weren't there for a half hour when my daughter called. Her car lost its wheel as she exited the toll booth on the MassTurnpike. Lost as in it fell off and rolled away. Luckily no one was hurt. Her, her brother, and their friends probably had a good scare thought. The studs that hold wheel on broke off. My hubby's ex-boss sent out a tow-truck asap and my sister and I drove to pick them up and bring them home.

3 hours later everyone was home safe and sound, the car was tucked away at the shop awaiting my husband to repair it in the morning.

There was a highlight to the day. My sister cooked awesome steaks on the grill for everyone. I whipped together the salad. Now I'm home and catching up on some TV and hoping to get some writing done.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Thirteen A Trip to Ikea

Today's Thursday 13 is brought to us by IKEA. Okay by my kids who wanted to go to IKEA. Mind you the closest IKEA to us is an hour away.

 This is just one of the fabouls kitchen designs the have.

 Now here are a few things I spotted that I'd like to have for my office

Good for an in and out mail tray

You can insert any art or pics you want into
this film reel.

Magnest boards are cool and usefull

I've been looking for one of these to sort printed
manuscripts and ideas by importance or
status of completion

 These scales are funky, but I'd rather not have them anywhere near me or my office. Have to admit I tried the red one. Hopefully it lies.

Just a few more things that caught my eye.

Cute hook for hanging stuff

My nieces and nephews would get a kick out of these too.
Cute light, but I think it might
distract me

How could I not notice this?

And at the end it was this that showed me IKEA
has a sense of humor.

So IKEA had more to show, but alas my camera died. So for my thirteenth thing picture me eating the piece of cake. Thanks for stopping by and check out these other

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Been A Busy Girl

I know I said I was going to really step it up here on the blog, but I have truly been a busy girl. Not sure if I mentioned it here, but I had a new release on July 5th. And book 6 in my Brazen Sister Series with Siren Publishing has been turned in and should be released early this fall. I'm hoping everyone that has been waiting for Bobbie and Jake's story enjoys it.

With that out of the way for the past few weeks I've been focusing on writing and rearanging things that I thought might help me reach the goals I decided on at the beginning of the year. Since there are still 4 titles, including book 2 in my Blackridges Series with Pink Petal Books, I'd like to get written by the end of 2012 that's where I've been putting most of my energy. 

Now that isn't to say I'm not doing anything else. In fact this weekend I'm taking part in the chats  and workshops going on over at Basically it a an online conference to discuss marketing and stuff. I'm hoping to squeak out some hidden gems I might be missing. And last night I went out with my sister and daughter for some Bingo fun.

I'm really looking forward to attending Authors After Dark in NOLA After Dark in NOLA. I'm not attending as a Featured Author just as me. So no pressures and all the fun. I'm still bring books and promo stuff to give out so check out the Secret Cravings Publishing Roaring 20's Party if you're there.  Also I'm a bit shy and will be on my own at times so come talk to me.

And because he say's it better than I can

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Revamped And Restyled



When choosing a new style for anything sometimes it's worth stepping out of your comfort zone. That said this has been a big week for me making changes so I decided now was the time to update all aspects of my life, including my blog and website. The changes here will be simple and unlike the drastic change I made yesterday in cutting off over eight inches of my hair. That said let's get started.

Available 7/5 at Siren Publishing

Up until now I've used this blog as a place to let people know when I had a new release. I've pimped out a few other authors too, and that I will probably do again. I've done a few Thursday Thirteens, which I love doing when I have cool ideas. So that will stay and hopefully be a regular feature. So what's changing? Well as a writer often I don't see things like other people. When I venture out, whether for a trip to the grocery store, or to another state for a conference I almost always find myself thinking wow, or holy shit.

So basically I'm done trying to force myself to blog like a normal person. And really who is normal these days? Instead I'm going to use this blog as a journal and hopefully a fun place to stop by and see what this romance writer on the loose is up to.

Watch for my soon to come rundown of my experience at RomFest in Gatlinburg Tennessee. It was a blast and I have lots to share!