Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lots To Do

Scehdule for this week is bit full, but I will get it all done by next Sunday since I'm leaving next Monday night for Authors After Dark in New Orleans.

So on my to do list is:
Shopping for stuff for my charity raffle basket.
Making potato corn chowder and Beef Barley soup (beef soup was good).
Design and make 200 keychains for promo at AAD.
Need to get my hair trimmed and maybe nails done.
Need to finalize my list and pack everything.
Finish up August interview for my Local Pens collumn for the Worcester Magazine.
Either submit this story or decide to use it as a freebie (story subbed).
Add at least another 10k on my current WIP.
Get some promo done for The Way He Looks At Me.
Go to Lab Saturday morning for more blood work.
Sunday the family is going to Monster Trucks at Seekonk Speedway.

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