Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday: 13 Highlights From AADNOLA 2013

Why is I want to start every blog post with the word OKAY?

Well (hahaha, that isn't much better) I went to New Orleans for Authors After Dark. It was my first time being there, but not at AAD. I've gone to AAD in NJ, Philly, NOLA, and in Savannah for AAD2013. I'm really looking forward to it. Why? Well it's awesome! But as and author we're told to show not tell, so let me show you what I mean.

Seeing authors at the booksigning. Here's Melissa Shroeder

Seeing authors at panels. Adrian Pheonix, Sasha White, Alison Pang,
Dakota Cassidy, Judi Fennell, CJ Ellison. If you ever get a chance to
sit in on a panel with Dakota don't miss it!

Beautiful table with awesome prizes, and books.



More dancing.

Zombies drinking fishbowls.

Even had fun talking to other attendees while waiting to get into events.

Always love seeing Diana Castilleja

Brandy Walker won my charity raffle basket including the fabulous show girl cow.

Talking about Men In Uniform with Cat Johnson, Melissa Schroeder, Lacie Nation,
Kris Norris, Katie Reus, Delilah Devlin was awesome.

Meeting readers who actually know what you write and like it. Priceless. Thanks Jackie!

Exploring new places.
So to wrap up my Thursday 13 if you're looking for a fun convention where you can party with readers, authors, and even a few crazy zombies check out Authors After Dark

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