Thursday, December 25, 2014

Planning, Planners & Goals= My Year Of Productivity, Accountability and Discoverability

This is it! I've been working on this for about a month and have 6 days to finalize all my plans and goals for next year. I'm starting January 1st for a few reasons. 

First- I want to give myself the full year to pull this off- I have some major plans. There's weekly, monthly, quarterly and of course the final yearly goal I fully plan to meet. I have so many personal, writing, and financial things I want- no I WILL accomplish this year.

Second- My daughter got me a Passion Planner for Christmas, but it wont be here until some time in January. I have printed temp pages to use until it gets here. When it gets here I'll do a whole post about it and how I plan to use it.

Third- I'm going to do weekly end of the week post here to keep track of everything.

I know plans don't always work out. Some goals are unattainable (or at least they seem like it). And there are a lot, I mean tons of aspects, you just can't control. But I'm determined not to let any of that get me down. I need to do something to keep myself moving forward!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Looking Back At The Past Year And What's To Come.

I'm making some plans. For me personally. For my writing. For this blog. As we get closer to the new year I'll start talking more here. Right now lots of thinking and planning going on. Talking to myself is occurring probably more than it should. Is that a writer thing? Probably not.

So for now I'm letting my mind ramble and working on a story tentatively titled Seducing His Private Chef.