Thursday, December 25, 2014

Planning, Planners & Goals= My Year Of Productivity, Accountability and Discoverability

This is it! I've been working on this for about a month and have 6 days to finalize all my plans and goals for next year. I'm starting January 1st for a few reasons. 

First- I want to give myself the full year to pull this off- I have some major plans. There's weekly, monthly, quarterly and of course the final yearly goal I fully plan to meet. I have so many personal, writing, and financial things I want- no I WILL accomplish this year.

Second- My daughter got me a Passion Planner for Christmas, but it wont be here until some time in January. I have printed temp pages to use until it gets here. When it gets here I'll do a whole post about it and how I plan to use it.

Third- I'm going to do weekly end of the week post here to keep track of everything.

I know plans don't always work out. Some goals are unattainable (or at least they seem like it). And there are a lot, I mean tons of aspects, you just can't control. But I'm determined not to let any of that get me down. I need to do something to keep myself moving forward!

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