Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Thirteen A Trip to Ikea

Today's Thursday 13 is brought to us by IKEA. Okay by my kids who wanted to go to IKEA. Mind you the closest IKEA to us is an hour away.

 This is just one of the fabouls kitchen designs the have.

 Now here are a few things I spotted that I'd like to have for my office

Good for an in and out mail tray

You can insert any art or pics you want into
this film reel.

Magnest boards are cool and usefull

I've been looking for one of these to sort printed
manuscripts and ideas by importance or
status of completion

 These scales are funky, but I'd rather not have them anywhere near me or my office. Have to admit I tried the red one. Hopefully it lies.

Just a few more things that caught my eye.

Cute hook for hanging stuff

My nieces and nephews would get a kick out of these too.
Cute light, but I think it might
distract me

How could I not notice this?

And at the end it was this that showed me IKEA
has a sense of humor.

So IKEA had more to show, but alas my camera died. So for my thirteenth thing picture me eating the piece of cake. Thanks for stopping by and check out these other


Joyce said...

Ha-I love the hook : )

Ornery's Wife said...

We are 5 hours away from IKEA, but we made a trek there last month to buy some storage carts for my studio and Ornery's Man Cave. What a fun place and how EASY all the stuff went together!