Monday, July 23, 2012

Manic Monday

Today started off like crap and steadily got worse. The roofers started banging at 7 am, as they have for the past week including Saturday and Sunday. The electrician turned the power off to do the much needed upgrade to the system around 9am. At close to 2 in the afternoon my son and I couldn't take it anymore, no fans= hot house.

So since my hubs had my car my mom came over and rescued us. Now this is subjective, because her house is FULL of my nieces and nephews. 12 of them to be exact, ages 3 thru 15. I think we would have been fine, and even had some fun. BUT!

We weren't there for a half hour when my daughter called. Her car lost its wheel as she exited the toll booth on the MassTurnpike. Lost as in it fell off and rolled away. Luckily no one was hurt. Her, her brother, and their friends probably had a good scare thought. The studs that hold wheel on broke off. My hubby's ex-boss sent out a tow-truck asap and my sister and I drove to pick them up and bring them home.

3 hours later everyone was home safe and sound, the car was tucked away at the shop awaiting my husband to repair it in the morning.

There was a highlight to the day. My sister cooked awesome steaks on the grill for everyone. I whipped together the salad. Now I'm home and catching up on some TV and hoping to get some writing done.

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