Monday, August 31, 2015

Down Time: What To Do?

As an author, like many of the other authors out there, there really isn't a day when I don't write. Even if I'm on vacation I'm still writing notes for scenes, or just writing the whole scene. So when I do take time off like this past weekend and the up coming weekend what am I doing? Well I'm people watching, making notes on areas I visit just in case I ever want to put them in a book. And if you follow me on FB you'll see I take lots of pictures. 

My hubby works a lot and we recently decided to stop putting off getting away. While we're not ready for any huge trips, Ireland and Scotland are both tops on that dream list, we're exploring our own area of the New England on the Northeast Coast and then we're going to branch out.

We've done Vermont and New Hampshire. Our next trip is Maine. This one is going to be fun and sad at the same time. Why?

Years back we bought a house and 24 acres up north on the Canadian border. We lived there for about four years. When we came back to Massachusetts we planned on going up to vacation and decompress. That hasn't happened. So next weekend we're going up the organize and close up the house. Yes it's sad, but we've decided it's time to sell the place and buy a house down here somewhere. (Connecticut is possible if we can find what we're looking for) 

But this trip is going to be one last bash! We're taking two of our nieces up with us. It's their first time so hubby is going to make sure they see it all. Hopefully we'll come across a moose (they've been seen walking down Main Street in Fort Kent) and maybe even a bear. He's planning on taking them fishing too.

So here's to making changes and hoping for the best. More picture to come on FaceBook and maybe I'll get some loaded here too.

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