Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Contest Day's 27 and 28

Yesterday and today have been kinda rough trying to get everything done around the house with a sinus headache. Tonight I am taking Nyquil and hopefully get a full nights sleep. Hope everyone else if feeling better than me. Only three more days left in the Christmas contest!

Here's hints for:

1.) I'm long and plump
2.) I'm loaded with cream
3.) Sticking me inside you can make you fat.

1.) I can do it again and again and again.
2.) You use your mouth to get me started.
3.) Toward the end I always get softer.

What are we?


Mindy said...

Hi Rita :)
Day 27 - a "Long John"? cream puff

Day 28 - Bubble gum

Mindy :)

Mindy said...

Or maybe
Day 27 is an eclaire.

Mindy :)

deedee1905 said...

Day 27- eclair
day 26- echo