Sunday, December 12, 2010

Contest Day 12

Christmas card envelopes have been address, now just need to stuff them. At least I can check one thing off my To Do list.

Looks like there's a pretty hectic week on my horizon. Starting at 11:30 tonight when we hit the road for a quick (HA) trip up to Northern Maine. I say quick becuase we won't be staying there long, but the ride to get there is 8 1/2 hours long. We'll get in early in the morning stop and check out the house, then head for breakfast somewhere. Then hitting town hall to take care of business. Next stop high school to pick up sons records. Then back to Mass another 8 1/2 hours stuck in the car.

We're hoping to be home late tomorrow night. Daughter is so excited to get to see her friends even if it is only for a couple hours. Son's not too keen on the idea, but hey not everyone can be happy at the same time.

The rest of the week is going to be spent prepping for 3, yes 3, Christmas parties where I have to bring food. I see lots of mini-cupcake and mini-muffins in my future. Not to mention the Christmas shopping I haven't done. More imortantly all those chapters I need to write.

Hubby offered to help, but with his job who knows if he's even going to be around. Hell he told me he was going to take me out to eat and that was like a month ago.

Enough whining. Here's today's hints. Let's go for something easy (since my brain is tired).

1.) Cher (I love her) doesn't have one.
2.) Letterman has a long one.
3.) Leno has a short one.

What am I?


Mindy said...

How about a family(last) name that they're known by.

Mindy :)

Jennifer Mathis said...

last name