Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Contest Days 29, 30, 31.

End of the year is here!!!!! So is the end of the contest. I;m going to give everyone until the 5th to get their answers in incase anyone has a really, really good New Years Eve.

So without furthur ado here are the last hints.

Day 29
1.) I do it with boots and a whip.
2.) The bad ones are usually hung.
3.) When I'm mounted I'm working

Day 30
1.) I'm not a hunt n' pecker.
2.) I never miss a period.
3.) I can hit U and P at the right time.

Day 31
1.) I get paid to play with my plunger.
2.) I rod out your hole.
3.) My mind is in the sewer.

What are we?


deedee1905 said...

Thanks for the extra time.

29- cowboy
30- typer
31- plumber

Mindy said...

My guesses are
29 - a cowboy/gaucho
30 - a typest or secretary
31 - a plumber

Mindy :)