Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Contest Day 13

I'm home. We left last night at 11:30ish pm, reached Fort Kent Maine in at 8am. The weather sucked to drive in, but now we are back. Instead of driving my bohemouth Suburban truck we took my sisters little station wagon. NEVER AGAIN! We got my husbands and daughters cars registered and paperwork filed. Daughter missed out on visiting with her friends, but not her fault. We did get to do some shopping done. Right now I am so fried I'm ready to go straight to bed. (I'll be back later today to post for the 14th. One more day left)

So here are the hints for the 13th.
1.) I'm a four letter word.
2.) I mean woman.
3.) I end in 'unt'.

What am I?


Jennifer Mathis said...

lol Aunt


Mindy said...


Mindy :)