Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Contest Part 2 Day 16

The Winner is....Mindy (check your email) 

and here's a list of the answers:
1) Book, 2) ring, 3) banana split, 4) fork, 5) key, 6) dawn, 7) mouth, 8) train, 9) ram, 10) candy bar,
11) snow storm, 12) last name, 13) aunt, 14) gage, 15) paperboy.

I thought I'd share a picture of the Christmas tree my daughter and I put in my office. Too cute!

Okay now for part 2. Same rules. 3 hints and the one who guesses the most right between th 16 and 31st wins. If there's a tie names will be put in a hat and winner chosen radomly.

Day 16's hints are:
1) It's better to get lots of me when you're young.
2) To get me you have to do the deed.
3) I could have a temporary erection.

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