Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 2: Project Management, A Positive Jump Toward Rainsing Productivity.

New Years Eve I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with another author and talk. This author also wears an editing hat. We talked about goals and what I want to accomplish this year, We both laughed at some things, but she totally got where I was going.

We discussed what is realistic goals and milestones. There are some really awesome things that I have already done and things that I wish I have done. Several of the issues we discussed were having a good support system, being organized, and what direction I wanted to take my writing in. So I'm going to break those down a little here. Remember this is just my take on how I have been performing and would like to this year.

Support System: My family comes 1st. They are the ones I depend on to honest and helpful.

I have writer friends, but sadly most of them don't live close enough to see often. Which is why I'm contemplating joining RWA again. MAYBE. I really didn't get much out of it the first time, other than reaching my PAN status. But now that my local chapter meetings are only an hour away, instead of four, it might help. There's also a chapter in NH I can get to easily. And I just found out about a group in RI I might check out.

I also lurk on a few forums. Romance Divas is very valuable. I've been a Diva since 2008 and have learned so much. I really need to stop lurking and talk more. But that falls back to me getting out there more.

Being Organized: I think this is super important for me. If I have everything, notes-research-ideas, where I think it belongs I don't waste time trying to  put stuff in order before I start writing. I can just go and if I need something I know right where to find it. I also write better when my desk isn't completely cluttered. Usually with other peoples stuff.

Direction: Okay this is where it gets super tricky. I would love to get a deal with a publisher that would get my books into bookstores and maybe Target And Walmart. This is not going to be a quick or easy thing to do. I need to put some serious research into finding the right publishers and then there's no guarantee that they'll have a spot for me in their stable. So right now though I think I'm going to stick to the path I've laid out in front of myself. I'm 90% sure focusing on my Kismet Falls series is the right thing to do.

So to wrap up this post I'm going to dive into my organization and start really thinking about getting a solid support system in place. What do you guys do?

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