Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 10: Good Intentions VS The Flu (or whatever this bug is)

Okay goal for the blog this year was to post something everyday. Yes EVERYDAY! Whatever popped into my head or I felt like talking about. Unfortunately that plan has gone to poop. And yes that is how I feel. I've been sick since late Tuesday night, which make today day 5. By far yesterday was the worst and I was so bad I missed posting. I'm going to have to start scheduling post in advance when I can. Today I can breath through my nose. So even though my chest is still tight and my whole body aches I'm hoping I'm on the uptick. 

I really don't like being sick. What makes it worse is haven't even been able to take advantage of the down time and get some writing in. Usually I can push through a cold or whatever and keep writing, but this thing has kicked my ass and wiped my brain of all coherent thoughts. Seriously I think in the past four days I might have gotten 1000 words written, and none of those were from yesterday. 

What does this mean in the long run. I'm about 6000 words behind where I wanted to be in Wes and Gina's story. 

On the upside my family really pitched in to keep things running smoothly. Hubby kept fridge stocked with plenty of OJ, and my daughter cleaned and did the laundry.

I'm hoping to waking up tomorrow feeling a bright shiny new penny. Then I can dive back into the current mess Gina has gotten herself into. Wish me luck!

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