Sunday, January 26, 2014

Starting New Writing Schedule (acutally going back to old one)

When I started writing I was working 3rd shift and had some down time. It's actually what got me writing. Once I left that job I tried a few different schedules, but nothing has really stuck. So I talked things over with the hubby, which went something like this.

Reasons to write at night 11pm-5am:
Me: I'm more productive
Him: I'll get the bed to myself
Me: There will be less interruptions, as in hopefully none
Him: I should hope so
Me: I won't miss any good TV
Him: That's why we have a DVR
Me: I'll be less bitchy
Him: What are you waiting for?

So I have decided that starting tonight I'm going to go back to my original time frame. So what does this mean? Hopefully that I'll start getting a lot more done.

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