Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And So It Begins...My Not So Resolute Aspirations

To start with I'm making myself a vow to work in my office more and hopefully away from distractions. This year I'm going to focus more on my writing and everything that goes with it. Like what you ask? The list is as long as my arm. Promoting is at the top of that list.

As for the writing I have 2 series I'm currently working on the Heiresses and the Blackridges. I'm planning to have them both finished by August (if I'm diligent they WILL get done).

Waiting in the wings is a fresh new series that I have just about melded to where I want and hope to start soon. They're going to be hot fun sexy humorous romances. I really can't wait to get this series rolling.

I also have 2 story left in my What Are Friends For series with Siren Publishing that I need to get done. And a few people have asked when the follow ups to Set Her Up' Watch Him Fall are going to come out.

I have so many ideas and a limited amount of time. I need to learn to write faster, which is why working in my office is first on my list of goals.

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Layla Stabile said...

Nowadays, more people rely on blogs and social media to promote their products or market online. Since you wanted to promote your books, I think you need to come up with a catchy blurb and book cover. Also, make sure that you'll make an attractive page featuring that book and what the readers might expect from it. Maybe even put snippets as teasers and open it for discussion. Thanks for sharing, Rita!

Layla Stabile @ Sacramento Marketing Labs