Thursday, January 2, 2014

I should be cleaning, but...

I know I said just yesterday that I was going to work on getting my office clean and organized. I'm sticking to that, but today I spent cleaning out my computer instead.

I went through over a dozen plot ideas I had typed up. I trashed a few, but most of them still sounded good so I just moved them all into a plot bunny folder. There were a select few that I kept out thinking maybe they might work sooner rather than later.

Then I organized all my royalty statements from my different publishers. I'm pretty good about keeping track of them so I just needed to print the few I missed.

I'll admit I  did sneak online a couple of times. I managed to order a couple of promotional items for the two events I'm attending this year. The Novel Experience Event and Authors After Dark. I can't wait to get together with readers and other authors.

If you're an aspiring author or a reader looking to mix and mingle with a wide range of authors, industry people and other terrific readers I'd suggest checking both of these events out.

Now back to work for me. Sweet dream and Happy reading!

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