Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday & New Releases

This weeks tickle is compliments of my nephew Joshua. We were in Walmart and my daughter threw ans Angry Bird toy at me and yelled Angry Bird. My nephew then ran up and punched my daughter in the shoulder and said Angry Joshua.

Now onto the New Releases. I'm happy to announce I have two books releasing this week.

Today (10-04-11)
Love Me Or Lose Me
Series: The Blackridges
Pink Petal Books

steamy contemporary romance novella (approx. 20,000 words)
cover art by Winterheart Design
ISBN# 978-0-9839726-5-5

Darcy and Thomas had a good thing going or so she’d thought, heck they’d even moved in together. But lately Thomas was so focused on being the king on the courtroom he barely paid attention to her. No matter what she did he seemed to not notice or not care. So Darcy decides to leave and see if he noticed that. The break will give her some time to reevaluate their relationship and figure out where she wants to go from here. She leaves him a cryptic message telling him she’s going away for a while, but leaves out where she’s going.

Thomas follows Darcy to her sister’s house. He is ready to do whatever he has to win her back. He even enlists the help of her three brothers. He knows he has a lot to explain and make up for, he only hopes Darcy gives him the chance.

Tomorrow (10-05-11)
Set Her Up' Watch Him Fall
Secret Cravings Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61885-034-8

Cover Artist: Beth Walker
Word Count: 71639
Kate Kingston and Brett Montgomery have been fighting their attraction for years. Kate’s older brother Darren has decided it’s finally time for them to admit the way they feel, or lose what he sees as their best chance at happiness. He puts a plan in motion to set Kate up on five blind dates, promising afterwards he’ll stay out of her love life forever. Brett is furious when he finds out.

Brett not only objects to the men Darren chooses, he objects to Darren’s whole plan. There’s no changing Darren’s mind so he sabotages the dates. He’s playing a dangerous game, because he comes way too close to crossing a line with Kate that he swore he never would.

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