Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday: Halloween Goodies

This week is a total rush here getting things done, meetings, and of course Halloween.

Goodie Bags

Actually to start this off right I should say this week started Friday afternoon. My sister and her five kids came over to get a jump start on the 23 goodie bags we need and costumes for the party they went to on Saturday.

Cocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

The bags we made are for all my nieces, nephews, and my niece Katrina's bowling group.

 My daughter is making stuff for her friends and co-workers too. Actually all the food on this page was made by her.

Marshmellow Frankenstien Pops
Later tonight after I get some writing done I'll be whipping up some brownies for my first meeting with the Worcester Writers Collaborative tomorrow night.

Chocolate Lolipops
Homemade Popcorn balls


Chocolate Cover Oreos

Thurday will be my only day to relax and write with no interruptions. Friday My nephew Josh and Katrina will be sleeping over so we can make the cupcakes for their Halloween Party at bowling Saturday morning. Saturday night is my hisband's father's 50th Wedding Anniversary party.

Chocolate Loli Pops

Sunday the kids have a bowling tournement and she has a birthday party to go to so I'll have them for that as well. Monday is finally Halloween and I'll be going to my sisters for a bit before I go to bowl in my Monday night league.

Next Tuesday I may be a little loopy from lack of sleep and too much fun.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday.

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