Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Thirteen TV

This weeks 13 is my top choices of what to watch on TV this Fall. Now I admit I have a DVR so I can record and watch later if need be. Also not listed by order of favorite, just as I found pics.

1.) Revenge


2.) Castle


 3.) Sons Of Anarcy


4.) NCIS

'Fringe' Star Joshua Jackson Relegated to the Sidelines5.) Fringe

          6.) NCIS: Los Angeles

7.) Last Man Standing (I love Tim Allen)

8.)Wendy Williams (my weekday guilty pleasure)

  9.) Project Runway (yes I know this is almost over)

10.) The Rosie Show
(She always makes me laugh)


11.)Once Upon A Time
(really looing forward to this)


12.) The Next Iron Chef

(great cast of chefs this season)

13.) Dexter

So now you have a glimpse of how I spend my free time.

1 comment:

Pearl said...

I read an article about Dexter and the Chef one, but otherwise, nada. Tv-free.