Thursday, September 22, 2011

My First Thursday Thirteen

I've been thinking as a writer I should get more into a schedule of sorts. So I've planned something for 5 days of the week do here. I'm going to count this as my first step in a hopefully positive step forward in making myself accountable for ME! Of course it just might turn out to be another distraction.

Now on to my first Thursday Thirteen: My 13 Biggest Distractions

1.) My kids.

2.) My husband.

3.) Thier cats.

4.) TV. I like to listen to The View, and Wendy Williams during the day. Nights is when I get seroius fix. I like Castle, Sons of Anarcy, Neccessary Roughness, Eureka, Project Runway and a dozen others. Thank heavens for whoever created the DVR.

5.) Facebook, but this hasn't been the case the past 2 days since I can't seem to gel with the new format. Still you can find me here.

6.) Games on Facebook, this is where they should make it more complicated to keep me away.

7.) Twitter. Tweetdeck is running all day. I should probably shut it off, but I'm afraid I'll miss something ;) tweet me at @ritasawyer

8.) Other story ideas. I seem to have the problem that as soon as a start a project that's when I get new shiny ideas. Hence the notebooks I have strategically placed around the house.

9.) My sister Dee. Love her to death, but she calls or text about 5 times a day.

10.) Romance Divas I may not post often, but I check in a few times a day.

11.) RT forums are another place to get lost.

12.) Cooking. I'm working on getting my family to eat healthier, which means me cooking more.  

13.) Bowling. I know this may have a few people shaking thier heads, but it's true. I take my niece and nephew to bowling league on Saturday mornings, and I'm in a league with my son, and my sister and her husband on Monday nights.


Paige Tyler said...

Great list! Welcome to TT!


My TT is at

Brenda ND said...

Yep, my cats and my family distract me too. You're not alone. Welcome to the Thursday Thirteen meme!

I am Harriet said...

I'd place the fridge/kitchen on that list if it were my list.

Have a great Thursday!

Xakara said...

Good luck on navigating the distrations. You can make Twitter work to your advantage by joining in at #1k1hr. It's great motivation and still feeds the twitter addiction *grin* #amwriting is another good one to help keep accountable.

Happy T13,

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