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Authors After Dark Featured Author Interview: Nina S. Gooden

AAD Featured Author Interview: Nina S. Gooden
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Welcome Authors After Dark 2014 featured author Nina S. Gooden!

 Is this your first year attending AAD?
Nope, this is my second time.

What made you want to come to AAD?
The authors! I’ve gotten to meet so many fabulous people at this convention. Even though I came as an author myself and did my best to act professional I ended up totally fangirling it up a few times. I may or may not have stalked some of my favorite authors, so if you see a moving potted plant or a giant cardboard box, please don’t mind it.

If you were to suggest one of your books to the AAD attendees, which book would it be?
I’m here to promote a new series of mine, which is completely focused on a clumsy fledgling cupid who hooks people up with candy magic. I will deny all claims that this idea sprung out of my obsession with sweets and anime. Deny, deny, deny.
Posting this bad boy again!

This post is for the Game Parlor event. We have now have 13 lovely ladies signed up. Naturally, I want more. I'm a greedy little thing.

Stella gave us a fantastic time slot: Friday from 5-7 in the Independence room. If you guys were at last year's AAD, you might remember the Carnival...well, this is going to be just like that, without the cool slide. I will miss it.

I noticed last time that the most popular events were the games, so that's what we're focusing on this go-round. It can be anything from a card game to an elaborate Scavenger Hunt so go (relatively) nuts. Authors are welcome to bring their own games/entertainment as well as a prize to be raffled off.

Last year we had a $50 contribution for prizes, but this time we're going to offer some options (idea courtesy of Rita Sawyer and gang--everyone show her some love), so authors can decide what they want to do. Cheaply!


1) You bring your own game and prize; $10
2) You bring your own game but I bring your prize; $20
3) You bring your gorgeous face and I'll bring your prize and (probably rent) your game. $40

If you're doing your own prize, it can be whatever you want. You can do a raffle at the end of the event or you can hand out little mini prizes as you go. If I'm bringing your prize, it'll probably be a basket full of goodies or the like.

Payment won't be due until July, so whether or not we do that will depend on how many people show up. For now, I added it to the list, just so we could see who's interested. We might not opt to go that route at all, which would make Option 1 completely free.

PLEASE NOTE: If you participated in last year's Carnival, please let me know when you send me your email.

Anywho, the whole point of my throwing these events is because of how bummed I was last year that I couldn't do any of the more expensive stuff. So, yay, for cheap, dirty fun! If you're interested, send me an EMAIL at NSGooden@yahoo.com. For the love of all that is Salty/Sweet do not comment here and think I will remember to check my Facebook like a normal person.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments! Hopefully I got everything.
Tell us about the party you’re hosting at AAD!
I’m hosting the Game Parlor with the help of the fabulous Rita Sawyer. It’s a lot like the carnival we did last year but with better prizes and less booze. Oh, there wasn’t booze last time? I guess that was just me.

If an adoring fan wanted to buy you a drink at the bar, what’s your poison?
So! I...super, super enjoy being drunk. It’s a problem. I’m a dirty lush. =( Therefore, I should not drink at cons. I should remain professional at all time and carry myself with dignity, poise, and grace. Pfft. I’m not doing any of that! Lemon drop shots all the way!

Everyone loves the conference costumes. Can you give any hints about what to expect?
I would just like to say that last year I didn’t know there would be contests. I. Didn’t. Know.
This year, even though I can’t actually win anything...I will. I hope you feel the fire in my tone here. I really like to win things and dress up. Winning something for dressing up sounds like something I need to be all over like me on cake. Yeah, I went there. I like cake too.

SWAG. We all love SWAG! What cool stuff are you bringing?
Swaaaag! I’m bringing the usual bits: pens, bookmarks, and a free book. However, I wanted to add a little of my own stank for my readers so I’m also offering a ton of candy (going back to that new series I was talking about) and some very special Mason Jar goodies. Because Pinterest is evil.

Where can readers find you?
I’m all over the place! You can find me on:
Website: NinaSGooden.com
 Twitter: https://twitter.com/nsgooden
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/nsgooden
Blogger: http://nsgooden.blogspot.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nina.gooden.98

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