Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Progress Makes Me Happy

It's been a few weeks since I posted anything, which means I haven't been pushing myself to get on here like I said I would. I'm making a schedule so I can be more prepared to just hop pn and bore you all with my thoughts. (That was a joke. I hope everyone's laughing with me, not at me!)

Now in my own defense I have been working damn hard. I finished 2 projects.

Blackridges 2 is done and submitted to editor at Pink Petal Books. Just waiting to hear back on it. If you haven't checked out Book 1 Love Me Or Lose Me you should.

Now I'm working on the last 2 books in the What Are Friends For Series with Siren Publishing. The good thing about waiting to write these last 2 books is Sadie and Jillian have had plenty of time to grow and find trouble I hadn't even thought about when I planned the series.

I do need to squeeze in some promo time for mainstream contemporary romance Tempted By The Tycoon with Siren Publishing. And work on the project I hope to announce within the next few weeks (if all goes well).

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