Sunday, January 27, 2013

What do I write and who with.

I've had 2 reader emails this week that asked why I don't write for someone like Harlequin? Well the answer is simple and complicated at the same time.

This isn't the first time this has come up. The two books in question are usually The Millionaire's Fake Fiancée  and Tempted By The Tycoon.

The simple answer is because I chose other venues. Was this a good choice? I think it was I've learned a lot about the publishing business since The Millionaire's Fake Fiancée came out in 2009. I'm still learning.

The complicated answer comes in a few parts.

Part 1: Publishers have to decide what's right for their lines. You may not have the voice or style of writing that they are looking for. If something's not good for them that doesn't mean you just give up. What I mean is just because you write the same types of stories they publish that doesn't mean they are your only option for publishing. You can try somewhere else.

Which brings me to
Part 2: Publishers decide what to do with your book once they accept it. They choose the category and how to market your books. I write contemporary romance, but that term seems pretty broad at times. One of my publishers had decided that a few of my stories were Romantic Comedies, another decided they were Erotic Romances. Why?

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Part 3: I'm what I like to think of as an author walking a line (or bouncing on a trampoline). My erotic romances The Brazen Sister Series or What Are Friends For Series have fallen into that category, but I'm the first to admit they just barely made it. In my opinion Tempted By The Tycoon and Love Me Or Lose Me are more traditional romances and stay on the other side of the line in Mainstream romance, since they are written in the same voice and heat level. How do publishers decide where a book should go?

Heat level or intesity of the sex scenes is a major factor. Also (this is something that I didn't catch right away) swearing, foul language, using descriptive words for body parts can push you in a certain direction with some publishers.
My books range from steamy to sizzling(though hubby would like me to try my hand at something really raunchy)
I would like my books to all be considered fun hot contemporary romances. Why can't that be a category at the online book vendors?

Okay so since I've figured out a few things doing this post I'm off to get some work done.
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