Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly Update

Family Stuff
Went to meet with Diebtic nurse. I now have to test my blood sugars 3 times a day. I really suck at this. Doing better on diet, it just means eating more veggies. Kids are fine. Couple of the chickens got loose and they had to wrangle them up. Extremely funny to watch. I wish the damn snow would melt.

Best thing that happened this week: It actually happened last week. I signed contracts for 2 new titles. Falling Hard And Fast with Shadowfire Press, and A Damsel Without A Dress with Pink Petal Books.
Lesson learned: Good things come to those who try hard and don't give up.

Worst thing that happened this week: Mom was in hospital. Hate that I'm so far away and can't run and check on her myself. My sisters arre there and keep me informed, but I still feel useless.
Lesson Learned: I need to move back soon before I lose my mind.

Upcoming Schedule:
Orthodontist meeting Monday. We have to be there at 10am. I'm just happy she's finally getting them taken care of.
26th- Leaving Thursday for Massachusetts. Staying from March 26th - March 31. They have no snow at my sisters. I can't wait. I'd pack the car now, but I'm afraid I'll be too tempted to drive away.
28- Saturday Night Dinner With The Divas.

21st-27th- Going to RT Convention. Came up with eally unique costume for Fairy Ball. I will take tons of pics for website gallery page.

15th- Wedding in MA. Nephew is getting married.

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