Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Blog Schedule

I've decided to have some sort of schedule here, I guess I should have organization in one facet of my life. Once I have a firmer plan I'll put it up. For right now I've chosen Sundays for family day. I'll give a little taste of what my life has been like for the past week. Probably boring, but we'll see how it goes.

Okay here we go:
This week was a bit hectic with vet visit, kids school that kind of stuff. Sticking to wroking out a half hour a day. Missing chocolate really bad. Really focused on finishing and submitting my novella, and first in my series. Both sent out, yay. Loooking for car for my daughter, I think I found one for me.

Best thing that happened this week:
My sons suspension is over and he's back in school. Things have really changed since I was in school. You punch a friend playfully in the arm and it considered assualt. Friend didn't complain substitue teacher saw and freaked out. Anway not dwelling on things I can't change. Lesson learned: Times have changed, not alway in a good way.

Worst thing that happened this week:
I somehow managed to export everything in my Hotmail inbox into Outlook. after screaming and almost tears I managed to get it all back. Lesson learned: Don't touch any buttons if your not 100% sure what will happen.

It was recommended that I find my son(15) some art classes to attend. So I'm thinking about taking him down to my mothers in Massachusetts for the summer. The Muesum of Art has a lot of classes he could take, and The Center For Crafts has some for his age too. Problem I would really miss my hubby and other two kids (20, 19). It's looking more and more like we'll be moving back. We're waiting for daughter to graduate next year.

Upcoming things on my schedule:
Meet with dietician on the 10th (oh I'm so looking forward to this,NOT)
Going down to Mass. March 26th - March 31
Going to RT Convention in April.(will take tons of pics for website gallery)

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