Sunday, May 9, 2010

Big Happenings This Weekend

Friday night along with my husband and parents we drove the 8 1/2 hr up to Northern Maine for my daughter's college graduation. We left around 7:30pm and made few stops on the way, including one with flashing blue lights (headlight out), and got in around 4am. It was my parents first time visiting up there so I spent the ride pointing things out. Once we got there mom, dad, and hubby took a nap for a few hours, while I visited with my daughter and son. Then we had to be at the gymnasium at noon.

My daughter looked absolutely beautuful. The ceremony only lasted about 3 hours. Yes we all had sore butts from sitting on the bleachers, but the pictures I got was worth being a little uncomfortable.

Before leaving Maine I had to take my mother to Mardens. Of course I wasn't expecting the second encounter with blue lights on the way back to the house (speeding, just a touch). Luckily both times were just warnings.

Unfortunately my husband had to be back today for work, so we had to leave yesterday after noon. I wish we had more time to spend with the kids and show my parents around. We got in around 1am. Today has been a little off since I haven't had much sleep. Going to bed earlier than normal tonight.

My husband and I are so proud of our daughter. Almost as proud as my parents were. This is thier first grandchild to graduate from college. I know everyone is proud of thier kids when they accomplish something so wonderful, but for us it's extra special. Becky didn't take the traditional route in school. She really disliked high school so at her guidence counselors reccomendation she quit school at 16 and got her GED. She started college at 17 and has worked hard to schieve her goals. Working and going to school isn't easy, but she kept her eye on the goal and is now a Bachelor of Arts, English major/History minor.

I'd like to nudge her in the direction of getting her Masters, but she's thinking about Culinary School. Only time will tell.

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