Friday, May 1, 2009

New Release

Here's the info on my first erotic romance out now with Shadowfire Press.

Falling Hard and Fast by Rita Sawyer

Genre: Contemporary Comedy Erotic Romance (m/f het)

Heat Rating: Fire

Length: Story-7500

Price: $2.50

Coming May 1st from Shadowfire Press

Can desire be ignored? Suzie doesn't think so, and Tim is just the man to prove it.


Suzie Ricker has been fighting her attraction to Tim Elknit for months. He's constantly popping into the office where she works watching her with those dreamy brown eyes of his, but she is holding firm. Then she runs into him in the market knocking them both to the floor in a tangle of arms and legs. Embarrassed Suzie runs out of the store. She had been about to get in the shower when Tim shows up at her house. Stunned she lets in him. With them alone in the house would she be able to keep herself from giving into the desire he brings out in her?

Tim had almost given up hope that Suzie would give him a sign she was interested. Knocking him on his ass in the middle of the grocery store wasn't exactly what he was looking for, but he'd take it. Especially after the way her body had reacted to his touch as they rolled on the floor. And even though she runs out on him he's not letting her get away now. So he follows her home ready to confront her. What will he do if she shoots him down?

Rita Sawyer
Giving You It All
Romance Passion Laughter

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