Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Virgin Experience At Romantic Times Convention 2009


Tuesday 21st
Left on first flight (first ever) at six a.m. out of Bangor Maine. Landed at JFK for connecting flight. So far air sick, mostly on the landings. I don’t like small planes. Hoping for a bigger one soon.

Stuck in Cincinnati/Kentucky or Indiana depending on which sign you read in airport. Our plane arrived late so we got bumped to another one. Got comped food. Yay! Sugars will be way up, but it looks and taste so good.
Might miss RT Virgin workshop tonight, but we can do it in the morning. Maybe tonight we’ll settle in and do some shopping.
Saw my Auntie Kathy getting of a flight from Seattle. She dashed away before we could even say hi.
737 to Orlando big and roomy, hope I don’t get sick. Plane is almost empty. I’ve decided to take a break from my current wips and another short story, or novella.
We’re staying at the wrong hotel so called and switched to one closer. Five minute walk to the convention, but that’s okay with Becky and me. We did Olive Garden for dinner so Becky could get her fix of chicken and gnocchi soup.

Wednesday 22nd
Went to morning mixer, then did RT Virgin. Went to Intergalactic Bar and Grille. Wicked fun and Becky had to wear a flashing tiara. Stopped by the Ebook expo and signing.
We met Eliza Gayle. WOW! She wrote the Pentacles of Magick series. Then after a quick change it was onto vampire workshop. Day went by in a blur of activity and new faces. Got a little promo in. Mostly we just absorbed the atmosphere. Ellora’s Cave Fanasty Party was great. The guys were hot and barely dressed.

Thursday 23rd
Attended morning mystery mixer. Took the Demons Unplugged workshop.

Went to Reader party where we got boas and had a chance to ask the Mr. Romance contestants questions.
The we went to Maria Geraci’s Bunco Babes Bash. Never played before, but this was so much fun I cant wait to play again. I won!!!

We took the keeping it contemporary workshop today. The panel Leann Banks, Catherine Mann, Judi Fennell, and Traci Hall took our small group out to the pool and bought us a round of drinks. Leann Banks and Catherine Mann recommended I sub to Desire (Harelquin, which was on of my goals). Met Catherine later in the hall with Joann Rock they said Presents was acquiring.
The Fairy Ball was amazing.

Friday 24th
Went to Jacquelyn Frank’s Sunrise mixer got books. Did Love Shack: The Sequel had to ask authors questions to win prizes. Sinfully Sweet played game and won gift bags. Becky won a prize for best first line, it had to be made up on the spot. Harlequin 60th Anniversary party was fun. Had mash potato margaritas and Becky got up close and personal with Franco D’ Angelo one of the Mr. Romance contestants.

Enjoyed an author chat with suspense authors. Joan Johnston in the white pants has a row to herself on my bookshelf.
Award Ceremony was nice to see people get honored for their work, but it was a bit boring compared to everything else.
Oh My God. Heather Graham’s Vampire Ball was insane, in a great way. The show was fabulous. The singing and costumes way more than I expected.

Saturday 25th
Went to street party got a bag of books and mixed with everyone. Talked with one of the founders of Torquere. Becky is going to submit to them. Then we went to book fair. Got some books signed and met B.A. Tortuga. Took a long lunch break. Then we went to the Mr. Romance competition, Charles Paz won. After that we went to Splashing by the Shore Dance Party.

Sunday 26th
Took it easy. We walked down and took some pictures of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

Played Gator Golf.
Becky got a slight sunburn. She made the strangest shot I have every seen. I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. Instead of into tube and down she used the stairs. LOL! (pics)

Monday 27th
We got up early 9 a.m. for shuttle to airport. We don’t fly out until 1:47pm, but I refuse to miss this flight. Besides we’re taking 3 extra bags (for all the free goodies and prizes we got) home and we needed to check them. We did lunch at the Outback in the airport. Another big plane, but this one was jam-packed. Reminded me if I ever want to do anything like this again that I don’t like to fly. We’ll get in around 10:30pm, I can’t wait.

Okay to recap, we had an awesome time. Definitely going to 2010 in Ohio. Driving, even if I have to rent a van. And this time I’m going to do promo lane and everything. Hopefully by then Becky will be published too.

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