Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Diva New Release

Diamonds and KissesDiamonds and Kisses by Amy RedwoodEmma, a emerging singer, is the opening act for a diamond exhibition in Hong Kong. Life is good, or so she thinks, until she locks lips with a handsome stranger. From that moment on, she risks her career, relationship and heart to be with him.Jack has to steal the world's largest red diamond. Only for luck--he needs some badly--does he kiss the Irish redhead he meets during the flight to Hong Kong. A kiss seriously gone wrong, because she tastes like cherries and feels like forever.Jack isn't a forever guy. Besides, he has to take down the power grid in Hong Kong, steal the diamond and rid himself of the daughter of the head of a Chinese triad. Jack's busy.Careful, this title contains explicit language and graphic sex. Length: NovelBuy it here.Read an excerpt here.

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