Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Books! Fabulous readers! Awesome authors! What more could a girl ask for?

Sleep. I'm kidding, because I'll go without that for a good time. 
So I thought I'd let everyone know I made it back from my trip to Atlanta in one piece and with only a slightly muddled brain. We packed a lot of action in a six day trip.

Kids at Denny's for breakfast before
 hitting Stone Mountain.
I'll break it down a little. We left Massachusetts on Wednesday morning and drove down to Georgia. Stopping along the way to visit Dinosaur Land in Virginia. We arrived Thursday and after going to Stone Mountain and the Atlanta Zoo hubby dropped us off at the hotel in Atlanta around 11am. Then he and our youngest went to Tennessee to visit hubby's mom and Bill for a few days.

They went to see the dam that Harrison Ford jumped off in the movie The Fugitive. Sunday morning they picked us up and we drove home.

Friday we spent the morning setting up my space for the book signing. Friday night we went to the Georgia Aquarium with a bunch of authors and readers.

Saturday was the signing from 10am until 5pm. To the left is my table and to the right is the goodie basket I gave away. I had a great time at The Novel Experience Event book signing and parties. I got to meet some new authors and visit with some I already knew. The readers were wonderful.

After that we had dinner at the Hard Rock with Nina Gooden, Diana and Sara York. Diana and I shared a big decadent Brownie Sunday. She deserved it and I never turn down ice cream.

It was my daughter's birthday and the waitress had them turn down the music and everyone in the restaurant yelled "Happy Birthday". Later I got to hang out with Brandy Walker, and Fitzpatrick sisters Jackie and Rhonda.

We stopped at the Natural Bridge but it was closed. I did get a few pictures from inside the gift shop.

So now that the TNEE2014 craziness is over I can gear myself up for my appearance in August. I'll be attending Authors After Dark in Charlotte. More info on that awesomeness to come soon!

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