Sunday, March 11, 2012

A romance author at a Worcester Sharks hockey game.

 Hubby and I took our son and 2 nieces to a Worcester Sharks hockey game today. While my son, hubby, and Brittany seemed bored Katrina and I enjoyed it. She got really angry that the other team, the Adirondack Phantoms won.

I gave Kitty the camera and let her take a few pictures.
Halfway through the game her sister was asking when it was going to be over, but Kitty was reading the names on the program and trying to find the guys on the benches, which were right in front of us. We had awesome seats. So close that when one of the players on the opposing team swore she heard and said he should have had to go in the penalty box. 
She found lots of reasons why the other team should have spent time in the box. There was an ad on the flyer for an upcoming game and asked if we could go. Hubby said yes. So it looks like I'll be going to see the Sharks on Friday March 30th when they take on the Portland Pirates.

 We chose 2 players from each team that we both liked.
 From the Worcester Sharks
#53 Brandon Mashinter (she liked that his name was like masher) and #22 Tim Kennedy (because he was speedy)

From the Adirondack Phantoms we chose #8 Mike Testwuide (Kitty was able to find him on and off the ice) and # 49 Michael Leighton, the goalie. He did stop us from scoring, a lot.

Funny moments during the game: dude behind us was really into the game. At one point he shouted "Come on Leighton, we all know you like it when guys grab your stick" I laughed, but my nieces turn and asked me why and I need to come up with a quick fib. Later same dude "You incompitent boobs" this time we all laughed.

 I have to say a lot of the players were handsome and had  longish hair. They also were mostly pretty tall with wide shoulders, which made the romance writer in me wonder how much of it was padding and how much was real?


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