Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Office Experience

Okay a some people know I have a new office. We were focusing on getting the rest of the new apartment fixed up, and I've been working out of the living room chair. Comfy yes, been to wide open to distractions. The other day I asked for opinions on color choices for the walls. I really appreicate everyone's in put. I've decided to use my blog to journal the office remodel as we go along. I may ask for opinions here and there, because honestly I like knowing what others think.

First Up: The Before.
Yucky brown paneling on three walls, with a biege trim. The floor is yellow with blue and green flakes in it. It's all cracked and ripped so it'll be coming up soon.

The big news for today: It's Primed. Well 1 coat, it still needs another, but I feel like it just might actually happen.

The good news is I'll be able to watch ball games from my window all summer long.

For those who may be wondering yes, I've chosen the wall color, but I'm not telling yet. But I will be showing you Hopefully very, very soon.

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Debora Dennis said...

Decorating your own office space seems like so much fun! :) (I've got a space in the kitchen...)