Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My New Release

Available Now at Blade Publishing
Number: 978-1-897560-16-7
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Price: $4.49
Heat Index: Mild


Kate Kingston and Brett Montgomery have been fighting their attraction for years. Now Kate’s older brother Darren has decided it’s finally time for them to admit the way they feel. He makes a deal with Kate to set her up on five blind dates, agreeing that afterwards he’d stay out of her love life for good. He chooses five guys he knows Brett will object to.

Brett not only objects to the men Darren chooses, he objects to the whole plan. Knowing there’s no changing Darren’s mind he sabotages the dates then takes them over. Spending that much time with Kate is dangerous because he comes way too close to crossing a line he swore he never would.

Kate realizes Brett’s fear of losing her brother’s friendship might be stronger than his feelings for her. So with some help from her friends she comes up with a plan to find out.

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