Monday, July 1, 2013

New Job, New Car, and New Hair.

Okay so there have been a lot of changes around here starting with me going back to work full-time. for the first 5 weeks I was in training from Noon to 8:30pm, which SUCKED! Now I'm doing 4pm to 12:30 am. It's better, but I miss writing full-time. Considering going to 3rd shift at some point later on down the line. So between that and writing I'm going to be super busy. 
Then my car started having some issues, so hubby and I started talking about getting something a little newer.

<--- ---="" car.="" his="" my="" nbsp="" old=""> This is what the hubby wanted. It's a 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye in Citrus Peel. He really, really wanted it. The only problem was my 2 boys are both over six feet tall and I couldn't see squeezing them into the back seat.

So what did we get. A 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan.

 It has lots of room and the back window even go down. So it feels more like an SUV, but there's a lot more storage space. Which is great since I'll have lots of stuff to take with me to Savannah in August for Authors After Dark.
If new job, new car, and getting ready for AAD wasn't enough on my plate I decided it was time for another change. Keep in mind I am like the least photogenic person I know, but here's my hair before.

 This now. Much shorter and colorful. I'm not fully sold on the blond. I think when I go back in four weeks there's going to be another change.

Friday is going to bring around another batch of changes that I've been working on. I'm really excited about them. Wish me luck.


Arlyne Nelms said...

I can't blame your husband for liking that Dodge Dart Rallye because of its sleek design and unique color. But considering how tall your two sons are, it really won't do. The Grand Caravan is a nice choice. Aside from it being spacious, it also has over 45 safety and security features. Truly a family-friendly car. Congratulations!
Arlyne @ Spartan Toyota Scion

Sarah Erwin said...

Arlyne’s got a point. When it comes to looking for a car, we should not only consider its appearance or design. It’s also important to take note of the comfort you'll have when handling it. Nevertheless, the car you chose is a good one. Love your bleached hair, by the way.

Sarah Erwin