Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Summer Movie Project is underway.

No I'm not making a movie. However my family is big on movies, whether on  the big or small screen. So here's the deal. In April I started making a list of all the movies coming out that I wanted to see before the end of the summer. September 7th is my deadline. Why Sept. 7th? Because it seemed a good idea to have a cutoff point or the list would just keep growing. And that's my Dad's birthday so I know it won't sneak pass me.

So here's my list. The movies are scored solely on how much I enjoyed them.
The plan is as I see the movies on the list I'll come back and update the grades. If it's as good as Fast Five was I'll even put up the Trailer.

Feel free to tell me if you think I'm right or wrong. Or just give me your opinion if you want. At the end of the project I'll do a contest to celebrate.

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