Sunday, May 29, 2011

Family Day

Sunday in the Sawyer house is for family. It's the day I usually sit down go over what did and didn't get accomplished during the past week, and make my plans for the next week. My family tells each other their plans. Sunday night is TV night for me and my daughter.

This Sunday was a little different. Why? It's my Mommy's birthday. I won't say how old she is, just that she doesn't look her age. The kids and I have been tossing out ideas about what to get her all week with nobody agreeing on anything. Hubby and I went out this morning to find something, but had no luck. It's not that we couldn't find anything she would like. I was just hoping something would just jump out say "I'm the perfect gift". No such luck. Anyway we're having a big family cookout at my sister's house tomorrow and we ran around today getting last minute stuff togther for that.

It's after mid-night and I finally just sat down and went over the weeks to do list. It looooong, and it basically needs to get done in 3 days. Why? Because my daughter and I will be leaving Thursday for our trip to the Lori Foster Reader Get Together Ohio. So I have list of things to get done along with packing. I'm a lister and usually have everything done with days to spare. I'm feeling way behind right now. But at the same time I'm really excited to see some familiar faces and meet some fabulous authors.

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