Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buy Books E and Print.

I recently had a discussion with my sister and son about our favorite places to buy books.

There's a sad reason behind this conversation. The closest Borders to where I live is/was in Shrewsbury MA is closing by May. When we in lived in MA beofre moving to Maine for four and a half years we visisted this store a lot. Sometimes weekly. Since we've moved back it's become my guilty pleasure again. Now it's being taken away. I have to say there's a Barnes and Noble about the same distance away here in Worcester MA. The thing is Borders and B&N have a different feel. Do you know what I mean? i'm going to check out some smaller bookstores around here and see if I find one with a vibe and selections I like.

That's the point where we jumped to buying ebooks. All of my books are available at B&N online, but not in-store and my sister couldn't wrap her head around why. So I explained it once again. This is where the discussion hit on ordering from Amazon. My other sister has ordered some ebooks to read on her phone while at work. She hasn't been happy with her choises thus far, but I don't lay the blame with Amazon. Since my ebooks are released in e-format I explained I will always try to buy from publishers websites, beause the author gets I higher royalty rate. After that I'll hit BookStrand and ARe.

Okay so here's a quick list of places to stop by and find some great ebooks:

My Publishers:
       Pink Petal Books
       Siren Publishing

Ebook Venues:

What are your favorites? Is there any place you just wouldn't buy from?

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