Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Book List

I've been really bad lately with logging my reads. I have both a Shelfari and a Goodreads account, but since the move from Maine back down to Massachusetts last year I have been listing the books like I should. This is probably in part to the fact that the move was only a partial one. A lot of our stuff is still in the house in Maine, a lot of my books included.

OFF TOPIC (just for a second): My daughter is going back and forth between both houses and in June will be going back for good. I'm going to miss her, but with school and stuff she wants to be there. For me I don't know where I want to be. I like being down here because I'm closer to my family, and there's more to do, but that also interuprts my writing. Being up there (there being northern Maine sitting practically on the Canadian border) it's calmer and less to think about so my writing is my main focus. Problem is there's not much work for hubby up there, which is why we're here. Done now back to topic at hand.

Back to my reading list. At one time I printed out some of the books I logged into Shelfari with the intent of listing them with Goodreads, but things got in the way and it didn't happen. I will try again in August, and hopefully get all my books listed in both places. This will prbably take me about a week. I have a lot of book. Not kidding! My husband has indulged my toying with the idea of opening a New/Used bookstore because I have so many.

You may think: Why August? That's so far away.
Two reasons. I'll be taking the month of August off. Well not off completely, but I plan on using the month to plat and restream a few ideas and see where they go. At the same time I will go up to Maine for a long visit and take the time to recatalog all the books I have up there. I bet somewhere well over a thousand books in total. then I'll take the time to list them all. Also I need to add all the ebooks I've been accumulating.

For now it's back to writing and putting off doing the dreaded TAXES. Later all.

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