Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspiration For My New Release.

Falling Hard and Fast is a fun light-hearted story. The idea for the story came about in a kind of weird way. You see my daughter has this cat named Zombie that plays an important part in this story.
His name of course has been changed to protect the innocent.

He's an adorable, but huge cat (Maine coon). Zombie has his issues. To start with he thinks he's the ruler of our little kingdom. Being the only male cat we have may be why. The whole house is his territory with no room or area off limits including my desk.

 His biggest flaw is he's a total affection whore. I mean that in the nicest possible way. I'll give you just a couple of examples of what I'm talking about. When you're walking through the house he will run in front of you a lay down at your feet. This means pick me up. Preferrably right away.

If you standing still talking to someone and you wiggle your fingers in front of you chest he will launch himself up into your arms. Cool trick right? There is a down side though, because he does this at times when you're not ready and believe me those claws of his are sharp. There have also been times when people have turned their backs on him. Bad idea! If you're cooking he has a tendancy to grab onto your pants and try to climb up and see what you're doing.

You can find out more at Pink Petal Books

Or watch this fun trailer Falling Hard and Fast Trailer

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