Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Goals

Most people start thinking of their goals for the New Year a few weeks in advance, but I chose to go another route. I wanted to wait and make sure I really wanted to stick to my goals. I wrote them down and hung them where I would be sure to see them every day. I was pretty surprised I didn't change any this year.

I put my gaoals into 2 catagories.

Writing                                                                Personal
1.) Write at least 3 novellas and 3 novels                    1.) Add more color to my wardrobe.
2.) Attend a local RWA chapter meeting                    2.) Spend more time with my husband
3.) Go to RWA nationals, NECRWA con, and AAD  3.) Lose at least twenty pounds.
4.) Be more outgoing at conventions I attend              4.) Show off my lame dance moves at conventions
5.) Be on a panel at convention                                  5.) Help husband make decision about where to live
                                                                                      (this may take a year)
6.) Spend entire year focused on writing goals            6.) Once a month do something just for myself.

Added to my gaols I have two white boards I list all my projects on. I wiped them clean and redid them. On one I listed my projects in the order I hope to hae them finished in. On the other I listed all my projects grouped by series and publisher. I realized two things. First I'm going to be pretty busy, second I really need to focus to reach my goals.

So has anyone else out there chosen any goals for this year? Are they attainable?

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