Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Newest Release

Available now from Siren Publishing.

To Unleash a Brazen Desire

Samantha Brazen’s world is spinning out of control. She’d finally dumped her cheating boyfriend. Then her bother in-law, Trent, blew into town sweeping her off her feet. Trent tears out of town just as quickly leaving her to wonder what, if anything, is going on between them. Then she learns she’s pregnant. Now she has to tell Trent he’s going to be a father. Then she needs to explain everything to her sisters.

Trent Weatherly has fallen hard for his sweet, little sister in-law. It hit him fast, but he was determined to see where it could go. Then he finds out she’s pregnant and decides he sticking around for good, whether she wants him to or not. He’s not going to let her ex-lover, or sisters, get in his way either. The sheriff might be another story.

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